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Dickie provides consultancy service and conducts training for business entrepreneurs how they can use on resources; marketing tools, strategies, and customer relationship to promote business in different economy approach.

He teaches the industry entrepreneurs how they can use Online Digital Marketing and building  Sales Funnel to driving traffic to their business, using affiliates by word-of-mouth to promote the business. Businessmen who have use this business concept made better profits than before for their company.

Dickie trained in Germany and Japan specialized in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) using human psychology and integrate marketing tools into a business model, and using professional designed website creating an emotional site to attract traffic into the business. For this, he  created a Marketing Sales Funnel System.


Dickie's Specialtie


Dickie from The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. He specialised trained in Customer Service and CRM from Mercedes Benz, Germany.


Dickie has been conducted coaching and training in the Automotive and Network Marketing Industry for 15 years. And he has moved forward teaching online.


He designed an Email System integrate with a follow up, engaged with his customers to build relationship, and added values.


Explore into "why" and "how" of pricing changes, and identify both potential opportunities and inhibiting factors for dynamic pricing in your Business.


It can have a big impact on your ability to achieve your goals. If you change your mindset about money, you tend to make better choices about how to overcome challenges. Have you ever felt like you’ll always be stuck in a negative money mindset? Do you always feel like there’s never enough money?

limiting belief reframing

Reframe your limiting beliefs into empowering ones and take small steps in changing your behavior to validate these new beliefs, and slowly begin to see how the quality of your thoughts creates the quality of life. Finding something to be grateful about in a challenging situation is a type of positive reappraisal.


A sales funnel is the process prospects go through to become a customer. Each stage of the funnel takes the buyer one step closer to making a purchase. A well-planned sales funnel will define the actions your business needs to take to push prospects to the next stage.

Diverse Income Streams

By having a variety of income streams, your business is not dependent on the success of one singular source, product or industry. During an industry change or an economic downturn, having a diverse income can better protect your business, having multiple revenues available can help mitigate significant financial loss.

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